Weight Information Smart Scale System based on Network
    - The Real Time Technology to Improve the Work Efficiency and Reduce the Cost
    - The IoT & ICT Technology Provides New Scale Service
  • The Smart
    Feed Management
    based on IoT/ICT
  • The Best Resource
    Management System
    for More Business
    - To Respond Quickly to the Lack of Food
    - Business Strategies for Identifying Consumer Preferences Foods
    - Hall Efficient Management
    - The Strong Analysis System for Reducing Food Loss and Waste


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- The Smart scale system using Weight Information based on network
- The Real time Technology to improve the work efficiency and reduce the cost
- The IoT & ICT Technology provides new scale service

Modular Scales

It is possible to freely combine the several of scales based on the size of the objects
It fixes the issues that need to buy different scales, depending on the size or separation of the objects.

Various Means of Communication

It supports a variety of measurement environments using RS-232, RS-485, wired or wireless TCP / IP and Zigbee sensor network.

Data Interface

It provides a number of data formats that can be connected with different application systems