The Needs of Security

Many of Intrusion detection system detect the intrusion using infrared light, radar and motion sensor. But it caused numerous malfunctions due to the effects of the external environment, such as weather Almost security sensor generates often misunderstandings because it cannot measure the extent of the size and weight. So most of the constructions use the manpower to prevent theft of expensive materials in the construction site.


Security System : Immediate Detection and Alarm If the Movement of an Object Occurred, Linking to existing security systems, CCTV, sensing, and etc.
Accuracy : Filtering Weight Changes according to the Natural Environment, snow, rain, wind and etc.
Scalability : Extension to inventory management and location management.

Benefit - Security

  • Cost reduction for Guardians
  • Reducing Misunderstanding by Immediate Reaction to the Change in Weight caused by People and Small Animals
  • Highly-Advanced Security System that Monitors Weather (None of System Malfunction Occurred due to Bad Weather)
  • The Inexpensive Cost of Equipment and Facilities, and Reusability
  • Extension to the Inventory Management and Storing/Unstoring status and Etc with Secutiry Service at the Same Time
  • The Eco System without Damage to the Interior and the Environment