The Needs of Offline and Online Store Linked to Local Food

Local Food is the business of the government to activate the consumption of local produce and reduce carbon footprint. But storing and sales are delayed because producers cannot know the inventory information of the products when the products delivered to a local food store Thereby generating out of stock and increase customer complaints.


In-Store Management By connecting producers and stores in real-time to prevent the shortage of online direct marketplace.

Benefit - Distribution

  • Storing Quickly with Information Sharing with Stores and Producers (Suppliers) in Real-Time
  • Avoid Missing or Erroneous Input of Sales, Storing and Unstoring
  • Improve Customer Loyalty based on Real-Time Information
  • Increasing Inventory Efficiency based on the Consumption Analysis with Various Length and Time Scales
  • Discard Reduction with Proper Supply (Price Competitiveness)
  • Cost Reduction due to Simplified Business Processes