Food Services

The Needs of Buffet Restaurant

Because it is not real-time management of ingredients with recipe management is not possible analysis of the inventory loss. Acquisition of real-time information about the consumption of each menu is not possible The consumer complaints about the lack of food are increasing.


S.M.S.S to manage the weight of the menu or less weight may provide a safety quick menu through an alarm in the kitchen To provide real-time information on the consumption of each menu it is easy to analyze the optimum inventory and turnover.

Benefit - Buffet Restaurant

  • Reduced Operational Costs through Efficient Personnel Management
  • Improve Customer Satisfaction by Focusing on Hall Serving
  • New Menu Development through the Menu Consumption Analysis
  • Discard Reduction through Food Consumption Forecasts and Efficient Inventory Management
  • Improve Business Processes through the Cooking Time Analysis (Interim Cooking, Order Conditioning)
  • Reduced Inventory Cycle Time
  • Accurate and Real-Time Business Data through the Customer Number, Sales and Consumption Analysis of the Whole Chain