Smart Farm

The Needs of Farm

Inconvenience to check the weight of feed directly on site beause of scales for feed management with lack of communication infra
Frequent disputes between feed sellers and buyers due to lack of accurate weight control
Rapid supply via remote reminder if falling below safety stock for good feed and drinking water supply
Livestock health management and farm management through analysis of consumption pattern of feed and drinking water


Apply multi-smart scales system at the bottom of feed silos and drinking water tanks
to manage safety stock of feed and drinking water in real time
and plan strategic farmhouse management
by analyzing weight based consumption pattern.

Benefit - Smart Farm

  • Remote real-time feed and drinking water management using mobile and PC
  • Sharing and quick supply of real-time feed weight information between seller and farmer
  • Accurate weight-based supply system eliminates disputes between suppliers and producers
  • Effective livestock management and farm management by analysis of consumption pattern by time zone, period, season and species
  • Reduced costs due to business process fragmentation